german pancakes & hurricane irene

well... we came back from target last night, with some waterbottles.
BARELY and I mean barely.
 it was crazytown in there... so many people, so many empty shelves. finally they started selling the individual bottles meant for the vending machines and we snatched some up to add to our supply.

I had gone to the CVS on our corner earlier in the day and grabbed 4 fiji bottles. then I watched the news and realized that wasn't really gonna cut it.

there is a large possibility all this hurricane business is nothing, but a lot of rain, but we got lots of supplies just in case. 
(hence the $ Jesus candles)
naturally I stacked, organized, and took inventory of all our supplies.
its what I do.

then I said forget you Irene & made german pancakes.


  1. Any excuse to bust out the Kitchenaid : ) You and J were in my prayers this weekend.

  2. Love your new blog my dear & glad you are safe & sound! We were worried.


thx a mill


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